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Katowice, Poland
11-14 July 2016

The 7th International Geoscience Student Conference in Katowice is the 7th edition of the annual student conference organized by Student Chapters of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. This year, the conference is being organized by Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań Student Chapter of the SEG in collaboration with the University of Silesia Student Chapter of the SEG.
The IGSC 2016 Technical Program provides a platform for students and young professionals of all geoscientific disciplines. It gives them the opportunity to learn from today’s experts and share their own experience in technical presentations, keynote lectures, short courses, workshops, student competitions, field trips, and a recruitment exhibition.
On behalf of the 7th IGSC Organizing Committee I want to invite members of you society - students from your University and young professionals to register and submit abstracts for the 7th IGSC in Katowice, Poland.

All participants will have an opportunity to:
·  Access an international audience of geoscience professionals and students from Europe, Asia and Africa;
·  A chance to share your knowledge, research and ideas with others in four technical sessions: Geology, Geophysics, Oil & Gas, and Polar and Environmental Studies;
·  Receive valuable feedback from industry professionals, university professors and experienced researchers;
·  Network with other conference participants during social events like the Icebreaker or the Gala Party.

Students and young professionals can register for the 7th IGSC at www.igsc7.us.edu.pl.
The abstract template containing all the requirements, can be downloaded from our website
The abstracts need to be submitted using the conference registration form at www.igsc7.us.edu.pl

For more information on conference themes and suggested presentation topics, refer to our website and our fanpage: www.facebook.com/IGSC7POLAND/
Please keep in mind that the registration will close on 30 April 2016.  All abstracts must be submitted before that date.
Can we ask you to share the information among other Student Organizations?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at igsc7poland@gmail.com.

Best regards,
Jacek Piotr Kubalski

7th IGSC Main Organizer

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