2018. május 31., csütörtök

EGJ cikk írás

Dear all, In the name of the Editorial Board of the European Geologist Journal (EGJ)  I would like to invite you to submit articles for the 46th issue of the journal. The title of this issue is "Oil and gas exploration in Europe - innovation and new technologies" and it will be published in November 2018. We expect contributions related to the topic. 

Please send your article proposal first (name of the author(s), working title of the article and a short abstract of about 10 lines) by 10th July 2018  to me (eva.hartai@eurogeologists.eu) and cc staff and
 layout editor Anita Stein (anita.stein@eurogeologists.eu).

The Editorial Board of EGJ will decide about the acceptance of the article proposals and selected articles shall be submitted in their full version by 15th September 2018. The articles will be peer reviewed and also reviewed by a native English speaker.

You may find the guidelines for the authors at http://eurogeologists.eu/journal/.

Kind regards,

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