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Two-year postdoc position in environmental sedimentology at the Palacky University of Olomouce (Czech Republic)

Palacký University of Olomouc (Czech Republic), Department of Geology

opens an application procedure for

POSTDOC (young scientist) position in Sedimentary Geology / Hydrogeology / Geochemistry

for two-year period from April 01, 2013 to June 30, 2015.

The successful applicant will join our environmental sedimentology / geochemistry research group, which is primarily focused on fluvial sedimentary archives of Holocene anthropogenic impact and recent anthropogenic contamination. The postdoc project activities will include one of the following topics:
  • dating of recent fluvial sediments (using cesium and lead isotopes) and calculation of sediment accumulation rates;
  • heavy-metal contamination of fluvial deposits;
  • fluvial architecture of Late Pleistocene / Holocene deposits using high-resolution core stratigraphy and shallow geophysics;
  • mobility of heavy metals and metalloids in the environment including groundwater
  • petrophysics, geochemistry and facies analysis of Paleozoic carbonate deposits and palaeoenvironmental implications of important boundary intervals

We offer stimulating working environment in a new faculty building and very good instrumental background in the faculty facilities. Monthly salary offer is 40 000 CZK.

Formal requiremens:
  • PhD or equivalent in geology / geochemistry / hydrogeology obtained no earlier than on March 28, 2008;
  • good publication record in sedimentary geology / environmental geology / geochemistry / palaeoclimatology;
  • good communication skills in English language (CAE or equivalent);
  • recommendation letter from the PhD supervising institution or from the last employer;

Experience with application of isotope systems in geochemistry / palaeoclimatology / environmental sciences and/or working experience with electron microprobe are welcome.
Please send your application along with required documents: curriculum vitae, scanned Ph.D. diploma, motivation letter describing research interests; recommendation letter and list of publications to doc. Ondrej Bábek, e-mail address: babek@prfnw.upol.cz

doc. Mgr. Ondrej Bábek, Dr.

Deadline for application is March 15, 2013

Information: http://www.academicpositions.eu/jobs/science-and-engineering/2013/2/19/postdoc-young-scientist-position-in-sedimentary-geology-hydrogeology-geochemistry-.aspx

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