2013. február 12., kedd

Ph.D. studentship in sedimentary provenance analysis at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Ph.D. studentship - Microanalysis of detrital apatite as a provenance proxy in sedimentary systems.

Supervisors Dr David Chew (Department of Geology, Trinity College Dublin)
Dr Shane Tyrrell (Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, NUI Galway)

Project description
A four year Ph.D. research studentship opportunity in the field of sedimentary provenance studies exists for highly motivated individuals at the Department of Geology, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

The project aims to develop further the application of the heavy mineral apatite in sedimentary provenance analysis.  It will combine both field work and laboratory work, using a series of targeted case studies to establish if apatite faithfully records the composition (in terms of its U-Pb age and trace element geochemistry) of its source region.  The field work will involve detailed of sampling modern river systems in southern Europe and their respective catchment areas.  The laboratory work will comprise apatite U-Pb dating and trace-element analyses which will be undertaken in-house by LA-ICPMS.  The ultimate goal is to establish the potential for apatite as a first-cycle provenance tool by determining the extent of apatite recycling in sedimentary systems.

Requirements and Training
The ideal candidate is a Geology graduate with some laboratory experience, preferably with a Masters degree.  The project is open to EU students only (students who have been resident for 3 out of the last 5 years in the EU) and includes fees and a tax-free stipend of €18,000 per annum.  Prospective candidates should send an academic c.v. and the names and contact details of two academic referees to chewd@tcd.ie by March 20th 2013.

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