2013. február 12., kedd

PhD project at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) on the British-Irish Ice Sheet

PhD project entitled 'Variability of the British-Irish Ice Sheet in the Rockall Trough (North Atlantic) through ice-rafted debris and micro-faunal record' is available at the School of Environmental Sciences of University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) with Dr Paul Dunlop and myself. Details attached.

Funding will be available on a competitive basis depending on performance at interview and CV.
UK-resident candidates can apply for a DEL scholarship, all others for a VCRS scholarship (see http://research.ulster.ac.uk/info/prospective/funding.html).
The School has an excellent record of obtaining scholarships, with 6 or 7 expected for the next academic year.

Deadline for applications 8th March 2013.
For applications see http://research.ulster.ac.uk/info/status/studentopp.html

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