2017. december 1., péntek

EFG mentor program

We are glad to launch today the EFG Mentoring Programme, a new initiative that aims at connecting young geoscientists with experienced professionals.
The EFG Mentoring Programme supports post-Bachelor students and young professionals with less than 4 years of professional experience and aims at creating an international informal network of geoscientists capable of providing guidance and support to other geoscientists. Over a fixed period of 9 months, the mentees will receive advice and targeted support from experienced professionals, according to their individual goals.
We now invite both for mentee and mentor applications. Full information is available on the EFG website at www.eurogeologists.eu/mentoring and in the attached flyer.
We kindly ask you to share this information with your members, but also with universities, companies or other bodies that might be interested in the mentoring programme.
The EFG members will play a paramount role in the implementation of the mentoring programme because your association will be a contact point for both mentees and mentors from your country and we kindly ask you to facilitate possibilities for face-to-face meetings at national level whenever possible.

EFG mentoring program: http://eurogeologists.eu/european-federation-geologists-international-mentoring-programme-supporting-young-geoscientists/

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