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Three years speleo-related PhD position in Vienna

3 years PhD student position within a project funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF)

PIs: Lukas Plan, Ivo Baron (NHM-Wien), Bernhard Grasemann (Univie)

SPELEOTECT - Active tectonics and recent dynamics of micro-displacements along major fault systems of the Eastern Alps registered in caves

Start: November/December 2013

Numerous field studies, seismic data, and GPS observations suggest ongoing activity along major tectonic fault systems in the Eastern Alps. This project uses caves in Austria as field laboratories to map displacements of cave passages, monitor micro-displacements and to date active faulting by applying the U-series disequilibrium method on damaged and sealed speleothems.

Key tasks comprise
identifying, documenting and dating active faults in Austrian caves
investigating the kinematics of active faults and reconstructing the (paleo)strain field
discriminating between fault displacements caused by seismic slip or aseismic creep
monitoring the recent dynamics of micro-displacements along single faults
updating the paleoseismic data for the Eastern Alps

The PhD student will be mainly involved in mapping, sampling and sample preparation of damaged speleothems for U/ Th-dating, palaeostrain quantification on faults and in high-resolution microtectonic studies (SEM, CL, EMPA, EBSD) of faulted flowstones for discriminating between fault displacements caused by seismic slip or aseismic creep.

Applicants with a completed Master’s degree with basic knowledge in speleology (and the will and the physical ability to work in vertical Alpine caves), (micro)tectonics and/or high resolution analytical techniques (e.g. SEM, CL, EMPA, EBSD) are preferred. We are especially keen to promote the careers of women, and we therefore look forward to receiving applications from female candidates.

Payment will be according to the FWF (“DoctorandIn”):

The applications including a motivation letter and CV should be sent to lukas.plan@nhm-wien.ac.at and/or Bernhard.Grasemann@univie.ac.at not later than September, 30th 2013. You can also contact us for more information!

Forrás: http://speleogenesis.info/news/?id=269

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