2013. július 3., szerda

PhD Fellow in Carbonate Geology/Seismic Modelling, University of Bergen, Norway

The Department of Earth Science at the University of Bergen has a vacancy for a research fellow (PhD candidate) in the field of carbonate geology/seismic modelling.  He/she is expected to develop sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic models for mixed carbonate-siliciclastic-
evaporitic rift successions exposed on the margins of the Suez Rift and to investigate the seismic expression of such systems through seismic modelling.  The research will involve collection of field data and integration of outcrop sedimentology, carbonate petrography, and petrophysical and seismic modelling.  We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with the ability to work independently as well as in interdisciplinary research groups.

Applicants must have achieved master’s degree or equivalent in sedimentology/structural geology/seismic modelling that is relevant to the PhD topic, or have submitted their master thesis for assessment by the application deadline.  Candidates must have a suitable background in earth science and should have practical experience in field-based sedimentology.  Experience in carbonate petrography and seismic modelling is an advantage.

In total, the fellowship period is 4 years. For positions with 4-year duration, with 25% of the period designated to teaching and/or administrative duties.  Starting salary on grade 50 (code 1017/pay framework 20.8) in the Civil Service pay grade table; currently NOK 421,100 gross p.a.; following ordinary meriting regulations.

For further information about the position please contact one of the following:
Associate Professor Gunnar Sælen, telephone +47 55 58 33 95 / e-mail Gunnar.Saelen@geo.uib.no
Professor Robert Gawthorpe, telephone +47 55 58 34 38 / e-mail Rob.Gawthorpe@geo.uib.no
Associate Professor Henk Keers, telephone +47 55 58 87 48 / e-mail Henk.Keers@geo.uib.no

Applications must be made using the Jobbnorge.no website at:

Closing date for applications: 23 July 2013

Visit the BSRG at www.bsrg.org.uk

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