2018. február 2., péntek

Mentoring program

The EFG International Mentoring Programme invites for applications
Are you a young earth scientist interested in a unique opportunity to shape your career? Are you an experienced geoscientist with the willingness to share your knowledge to help the new generation of geoscientists? In this case, the International Mentoring Programme of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) might interest you!
Post-Bachelors students and young professionals with less than 4 years of professional experience are invited to submit their applications to participate in this initiative. EFG also welcomes applications of European Geologist title holders that want to share their knowledge and experience as mentors.
Over a fixed period of 9 months, the mentees will receive targeted support from experienced professionals. This guidance will be based on the individual goals of the mentees. Examples of the mentor’s guidance include: feedback and support during the job application process; building up a network, development of a career strategy; introduction to informal knowledge and business networks; shadowing (participation in the professional life of the mentor).
The deadline for application is 15 February 2018.
Learn more about the programme and how to apply at https://eurogeologists.eu/mentoring.

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