2014. február 7., péntek

PhD studentship in Basin analysis, Université Toulouse, France

Source to sink and vertical movements of the Mozambique Channel: Morondava Basin (Madagascar)

Within the framework of the PAssive Margin Exploration LAboratory (PAMELA), and the study of the Mozambique Chanel (Morondava Basin, Madagscar), the aim is to understand the evolution of a continental margin using an integrated source-to sink approach. 
Three main research objectives are: (1) the identification of the preserved geomorphologies and structural features of a rifted pull-apart basin, (2) the quantification of the vertical movements from rift to the drift sequence and the Neogene reactivation in relation with the East Africa Neogene rifting, and finally (3) the identification of the isotopic signature of the sediment to trace their sources. This approach will be discussed with the evolution of the conjugated margin (Tanzania-Somalia) to build a genetic model for the evolution of rift and the erosion of its margins.
Candidates should have a master degree or equivalent in geosciences. Basin analysis skills are highly recommended. Field work and research oceanographic cruise experience is an advantage. The candidate should be literate in subsurface interpretation and GIS. Laboratory experience in analytical isotopic geochemistry is an advantage, otherwise training will be provided. Works will include participation to an oceanographic cruise in the fall 2014 and a field campaign in early 2015. The student will be registered at the Université Rennes 1 and the position will imply mobility during the 3 years between Rennes, Toulouse and Pau.
Financial support is granted within the frame of the PAMELA project (IFREMER – TOTAL).
To apply for this position please send your cv and a cover letter to Dr Cécile ROBIN (cecile.robin@univ-rennes1.fr) and Dr Gérôme CALVES (gerome.calves@get.obsmip.fr).
The position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.

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