2013. május 29., szerda

2.5 year post-doc position available at Aberdeen University, UK

A two and half year postdoc based at Aberdeen University working on distributive fluvial systems is available. It will involve extensive fieldwork. Details at the following link.


"The Department of Geology & Petroleum Geology seeks a suitably-qualified and experienced individual to undertake research on distributive fluvial systems (DFS). The project aims to develop a predictive model of DFS based on remote sensing imagery and outcrop studies.  Research will focus on outcrop based studies in various parts of the world and will involve building 3D models of different aspects of DFS.  These will be ‘ground-truthed’ using datasets derived from remotely sensed imagery and modern day systems.  The successful candidate will work with Professor Adrian Hartley.  The position is part of a larger project: the Fluvial Sedimentology Research Group (FSRG), a collaboration between Dr. Gary Weissmann and Dr. Louis Scuderi (UNM, Albuquerque) and Professor Adrian Hartley (Aberdeen) and involves research students based in Albuquerque.  The PDRF will have responsibility for liaison between the members of the group and sponsors, overseeing aspects of project data collection and analysis, and in the production of reports and journal papers.  The successful candidate is expected to carry out short- and long-term fieldwork campaigns (US, South America) and to produce maps, sedimentary logs and reports, and will also use the remote sensing laboratory in Albuquerque.  The researcher will form part of a thriving research group on modern and ancient fluvial systems within the Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology at Aberdeen.
We require a relevant PhD and experience in sedimentary geology and/or geomorphology. Candidates should ideally have a background in fluvial sedimentology and/or geomorphology although sedimentologists with experience in other clastic depositional systems will be considered.  Experience of field work in difficult terrains including data collection in clastic sedimentary systems and familiarity with remote sensing techniques would be an advantage.  A PhD is required before appointment."

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