2013. április 23., kedd

5-year lectureship in Sedimentology/Sedimentary Petrology at UCD Dublin

(Sedimentologist / Sedimentary Petrologist)
UCD Ref: 005847
The appointment of Peter Haughton as Tullow Oil Professor of Petroleum Geoscience (arising from a collaborative initiative between University College Dublin and Tullow Oil plc) has created an opportunity to recruit a new junior academic position. Applications are thus invited for a 5-year lectureship in Sedimentology/ Sedimentary Petrology. We seek an outstanding geoscientist with specialist expertise within but not necessarily restricted to the following fields: surface processes, clastic and/ or carbonate facies analysis, basin evolution; geological field mapping; sedimentary petrography; isotope geochemistry and sedimentary provenance; physical volcanology; Quaternary geology.
The successful candidate will have completed a PhD study, have a strong publication record, and be an enthusiastic teacher prepared to contribute to BSc and/ or MSc level geology modules. Field geological experience and an enthusiasm for teaching geology in the field are essential. It is expected that the successful candidate will establish an externally-funded research programme, with a commitment to supervising graduate research students, and a willingness to contribute to the supervision of MSc student projects.
2010 Lecturer (below the bar) Salary Scale: €35,355 - €56,602 per annum
2011 Lecturer (below the bar) Salary Scale: €31,820 - €50,942 per annum *
*Subject to all new entrants to public sector as of 01 January 2011
Appointment will be made on minimum of scale and in accordance with the Department of Finance guidelines
Applications must be made online no later than 23:30 GMT on 08 May 2013. For further information, including details on how to apply, please visit www.ucd.ie/jobvacancies.
Informal enquiries may be directed to the Head of School, Professor Stephen Daly
UCD is an equal opportunities employer.

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