2012. október 29., hétfő

Karbonátszedimentológia és Szeizmiukus sztratigráfia PhD helyek

Két PhD helyre szeretnénk felhívni a figyelmeteket, melyeket a BP finanszíroz teljes egészében. Részleteket alább olvashattok:

Outcrop, seismic and stratigraphic forward modelling of shallow-marine carbonate reservoir heterogeneity

Dr Cathy Hollis, Dr Stefan Schroeder and Dr David Hodgetts, University of Manchester
Prof Peter Burgess, Dr David Waltham, Royal Holloway, University of London

Seismic data rarely provide sufficient information to de-risk carbonate reservoir properties due to
the paucity of robust, quantitative outcrop data, limited rock and petrophysical datasets and
stratigraphic  and seismic  forward models that have failed to reproduce geometries produced by
complex depositional processes.   This research will consist of two fully-funded BP sponsored PhD
studentships for UK/EU citizens.
PhD projects aiming to advance seismic stratigraphic interpretation in carbonate strata by
  • deriving rock properties and geobody dimensions from carbonate outcrops and
  • incorporating these data in new calculations of seismic and stratigraphic forward models tobetter address the fundamental question of the geological and petrophysical significance of carbonate seismic reflections.
The project will  focus on outcrops in Spain and Oman with an existing well-defined stratigraphic
framework and a known platform geometry, facies architecture and diagenetic overprint.  Data from
these outcrops will be integrated with newly developed methods in seismic and stratigraphic
forward modelling  to analyse how outcrop heterogeneity  can be  upscaled to achieve a
representative seismic response that could be used to enhance prediction of carbonate facies from
seismic data.

Project 1: ‘Analogues for Cenomanian-Turonian shallow marine platform systems’ will be based in
the University of Manchester working with Dr Cathy  Hollis, Dr Stefan Schroeder and Dr David
Hodgetts.  The project will be focussed on multi-scale carbonate reservoir characterisation, and will
require students to conduct detailed description, correlation and interpretation of field, seismic
core, wireline log and petrographical data as well as geochemical and petrophysical rock property
analysis.  Further details can be provided by Dr Cathy Hollis:  cathy.hollis@manchester.ac.uk (0161
306 6583)

Project 2: ‘Stratigraphic forward modelling & synthetic seismic images of carbonate strata’ will be
based at Royal Holloway University of London working with Prof. Peter Burgess and Dr Dave
Waltham. This project will focus on developing stratigraphic forward modelling of carbonate strata,
using an existing model CarboCAT as a starting point. It will also develop new methods to calculate
synthetic seismic from stratigraphic forward models taking into account multi-scale heterogeneity. 
Further details can be provided by Prof Peter Burgess: Peter.Burgess@rhul.ac.uk (01784 414083)

The two projects will be closely integrated, with the RHUL student helping in outcrop data collection,
and the Manchester student providing data for the stratigraphic and seismic modelling.  Regular
communication with BP will also be required.  Both projects will provide excellent training for a
future career in the oil and gas industry, and will also allow a skill base to be developed that would
be highly valuable for further academic study.

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